Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Solved Case of Too Much Make-up (put to the test)

As promised in my 'Case Solved' post, this post is mainly how I put to use the excellent advice I was given, with pics!

I used the BB cream for day and night, even in the national parks, it gave really nice coverage, wasn't heavy and even in the Vegas heat wasn't greasy.

During the day I went for light coverage with a touch of the combined bronzer/blusher and mascara, wore the lip gloss during the day in the cities but not in the national parks – it was way too windy and dusty!
Light day makeup

Light day makeup

Light day makeup

In the evening I applied slightly more of the BB cream (but not much more) and added more blusher, eyeliner and the lip gloss. 

Evening makeup

Evening makeup

Evening makeup sepia

I was so glad I'd only taken a small amount of make-up, I didn't have to change the products from day to night and didn't have to worry about choosing a lip or eyeliner colour.

Simple and much less time consuming.

Here’s a few more snaps for good measure…

       Floaty blouseCasual day outfitFloral dress

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