Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Stripes... Should you or shouldn't you?

In preparation for my holiday clothes shopping (yes I'm well aware I've rabbited on about it quite a bit) I've been checking out what's 'in' this coming fashion season.

It would appear that stripes - be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal - are going to be a massive trend this spring 2013.

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It's a widely held notion that horizontal stripes make you look wider than you actually are, and that 'fat' people shouldn't wear stripes. 

As the below articles show, there has been much debate:

What we should be saying is 'do you really care what other people think?'

I'm a great believer in the idea that you should wear what makes you feel good regardless of what other people think of you in it. And if you want to wear horizontal stripes then why should anyone tell you you can't?

It's all about perception and how you view yourself.

The key is to dress to suit your body shape. A fitted bodycon style dress is probably not going to look great if you're naturally wider around the middle. And a plunging neckline isn't going to help if you're lacking in the bust department, stripes or no stripes.
If you're really not sure then turn to that trusted friend who'll always tell you the truth but if you haven't asked for that opinion, don't take any notice.

Yes vertical stripes are going to give the illusion that they elongate your figure and horizontal stripes may give the illusion that they widen your hips - but do you care? 
Slip into the striped dress and look briefly in the mirror (don't stare for too long - us human beings have a tendency to over think things), then ask yourself "do I feel good in this?" If the answer is yes then think no more about what anyone else will think of it when they see you in it and have the confidence to wear that dress with pride... it probably cost you a pretty penny in the first place.

Slouchy Striped Jumper

Striped Jumper

Striped Tee

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