Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mars Bar Cornflake Cakes

For Easter this year my mum is arranging a 'buffet' style lunch for our family. My contribution will be Mars Bar cornflake cakes.
I love baking and wanted to trial the recipe first - partly to make sure the recipe worked but mainly because I love cornflake cakes and just couldn't wait until Easter weekend.

They were delicious and I cant wait to make them again.

Here's the Recipe...

(makes 8 large or 12 small cakes)


3 standard size Mars Bars
100g Milk Chocolate (preferably Cadbury's Dairy Milk)
50g Unsalted butter
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
150g cornflakes
75g sultanas, raisins or mixed nuts (optional)

Corn Flake Cake Ingredients


Melt the Mars Bars slowly over a bain-marie on a low/medium heat - be careful not to boil the water or the chocolate in the bottom of the bowl will burn, mix constantly.

Bain Marie

When the Mars Bars have started to melt add the Dairy Milk and butter gradually, again mix constantly to keep the mixture from burning. 

Once the mixture has fully melted add the Golden Syrup (the consistency will still be quite thick because of the nougat).

Corn Flake Cake Mixture

Next add the cereal, I'm using cornflakes but you can use Rice Crispies if you prefer (also my bain-marie bowl wasn't big enough to mix in the cereal so i had to transfer the mixture to a larger bowl).

Then finally add the sultanas, raisins or nuts (or all three if you want to go really wild).

Now the cornflakes are covered in the chocolate mixture spoon into cupcake cases, as I said at the top this mixture should make 8 large or 12 small cakes.

Put the cakes on a tray and place on a shelf in the fridge, ensuring the tray is level.

Now we play the waiting game...

The length of time you leave the cakes to set depends on how sticky you want them, I like them quite sticky so only left them for around an hour, then covered them and left them out at room temperature until we were ready to eat them (more or less straight away). 

End result...
Mars Bar Corn Flake Cakes

If you like you could melt a little more of the dairy milk and add a dollop on top of each cake with a few mini-eggs for that added 'Easter' feel.

All that's left to do now is tuck in. Enjoy!

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Recipe ideas taken from:

Nigella Lawsons Mars Bar Cake


 "Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery" by Martha Swift.


  1. mmmmh that looks so yummy!!! to bad i´m on diet:(
    hope you are having a happy easter lovely!

  2. Ooooh my god, I want them, and even I can make cornflake cakes so I will be having a go

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)