Friday, 22 March 2013

Brooch fever continues!

Any excuse for an opportunity to showcase some more of the stunning brooches I've been gifted by my wonderful mother and grandmother...

Butterfly Brooch


Dragonfly Brooch


Ornate Brooch


I think they're the perfect accessory! I love earrings but having quite long hair you don't always see them. 
Unfortunately, after lots of research, I don't know much about these particular brooches.
The Butterfly and Dragonfly were my mums which she bought in the 80's.
The ornate one was my grandma's. I've no idea what decade its from, it's sterling silver and has a Hallmark but even with a magnifying glass I couldn't make it out. My mum took it to be valued about 15 years ago and was told it wasn't worth much, I still love it though!


  1. love them, I have been searching for great brooches for such a long time now!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thanks Kate! Have you seen my other post? I found a lovely one in Accessorise a few weeks ago! xx